Saturday, 4 June 2011

May Analysis

High time we looked back at our performance for May, which ended in terrific style to give us our best month of the year so far.

It was an excellent month all round really, as we had a high number of placed efforts (many at big prices), beat the SP on many occasions, and of course built a very strong profit level.

So let's take a look at the figures.

Bets: 85
Wins: 14 (16.47%)
2nds: 12 (14.12%)
3rds: 13 (15.29%)
Placed total: 39 (45.88%)
Average odds taken: 7.95/1
Average SP: 6.73/1
Average win odds: 8.07/1
Profit/Loss: +74pts
Return On Investment: +77.08%

Fantastic figures really, even if we say so ourselves! We had numerous big priced seconds, including at 16/1, 10/1 9/1 and 8/1 so things could have been even better.

As we always say, the key figure is whether we're beating SP, and to do so by more than 1.2pts on average per selection makes us very happy.

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