Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Blogging Again

The Guvnor has been on for ages that we need to sort the blog out but no-one has taken it on. So it falls to me to get it going for the first time in months but as I'm off to Taunton today it will just be a brief update before hitting the road.

Unfortunately nothing for us today, which is a shame as we would have liked to carry on the good work after Sirop de Menthe fairly trotted up at Plumpton yesterday after being put up in the morning at around 8-1. This is an ex Tim Vaughan horse and there are not many of his who go and  on and do better elsewhere so hats off to the Sue Gardner team. Lucy Gardner never looked in any doubt as the horse, which had been prone to jumping to its right, stayed straight as an arrow and afterwards Sue told Tommo on ATR that Lucy had said she would win, which was obviously the reason for the early morning confidence. The horse went off at 6-1 and and was 13 lengths clear at the line.

In the past week we have had winners at 5-1, 7-2 (twice) and 3-1 to add to yesterday's 8-1 so we are on a good run. Let's hope we can get back to business tomorrow.

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