Friday, 19 February 2010

One today

No luck yesterday, particularly with Fine Parchment who had every chance at the second last before throwing it all away with a dreadful mistake. Hope for better things today as we steady the buffs ready for a weekend onslaught with just one runner:

Good luck to:

San 2.15 Drumshambo 6-1 P Power

1 comment:

  1. Firs of all, I admire your wakingability after your child was born! You are so lucky!

    On another matter, I would like to use your popular blog to ask for some help. I’ll be doing the 3 peaks challenge in June this year, raising money for the charity Hope House. This is a charity where everyone can relate to. They provide support to terminally ill children and their families, and give them the support they need. Whether is it a rest-bite for the parents, or a positive environment to be in.

    If any person who gives a donation of at least £5, I will give them a month’s racing advice for free. Considering my blogger, I think that’s a good deal! Please give to the address below.