Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Two today

Nothing doing yesterday but we press on to consolidate our position with a winning month so far with two runners.

Good luck to:

Newc 2.10 Tail of the Bank 4-1 Betfred

Newc 4.40 Too Cool to Fool 7-1 Lads


  1. Hi
    Well done for your results again today. You obviously know your stuff and are obviously a profitable punter. In your welcome at the top of the page you say your bets are based on research that goes back many years.
    As as relative beginner I would like to know how long it took you to become consistently profitable and what is most profitable for you National Hunt or Flat racing.

    PS If you don't mind I am going to follow your tips as one of the services that I follow on my blog (www.edgehunters.net). I will link to your site everytime I mention it.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Mark, and no problem about using selections here on your blog.

    As for your questions, well I paper traded for a long time (around four or five months or so) before I was sufficiently sure things would go well with actual money at stake.

    Since then being profitable, to level stakes, has actually come quite easily. The problem is and always has been getting the staking plan right. I have been fine tuning this for ages, and have been guilty of using too aggressive a plan, in different guises for quite a while. At first I used to bet 10% of my bank (as a percentage which went up and down however the bank grew or shrank). My God did the bank grow quickly (£100 into about £3000 within a few months), but then it came crashing back down very quickly as well once the inevitable poor run came.

    Now I back at 1% of bank, ratcheted at the high figure and if the bank drops to 50% of total I find a new 1% of bank amount. This protects things when times are tough but can build the bank when the wins come. Still not convinced it's perfect though, it's a fine line between wanting to win lots of £ and protecting the bank.

    I think the secret may be just to have a very large bank to begin with. For example I started here with £150 in my latest campaign, and got to nearly £3000 before it dropped down.

    Imagine if I'd started with £1500 - I could have, assuming I could get my bets on, turned it to £10,000 and then been much more willing to take some of the substantial profit out (even though it's only reached part of the way to what could have been £30k). I suppose what I'm trying to say is that a small starting bank almost by default leads the average punter to take bigger risks and go for the big profits more quickly, and thereby directly risking the overall state of the bank.

    As for flat/national hunt, well historically flat market moves from Apr - July are the best months of all, because of unexposed types and generally more consistent ground. National Hunt will have interesting plunges the whole year round and always be worth following, without having a certain moment in time that's any better than any other.

    Hope thats of some use



  3. Hi CD

    Thanks for taking the time to answer in such depth and thanks for letting me use your selections on my blog. I plan on starting the review and trial at the weekend so lets keep our fingers crossed

    Thanks again