Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wednesday two

A superb day yesterday with a double stake winner backed at 9-1 and 8-1 and today we press on with two more selections for you:

Here 3.05 Skip the Present 9-1 B365

Hay 4.25 Nevetika 4-1 Lads

Good luck to them both...

Well what a farce that was today, Nevetika running a full circuit after bolting and then, incredibly, not being withdrawn. He'd been 3/1 at that moment after being well backed all day and went off at 7s, and promptly pulled up early. The other a non runner, will hope for better tomorrow.

Skip the Present NON RUNNER

Nevetika, PU, 7/1


  1. Hi just started following again after a break and looks like i have put the mockers on straight away, how the hell they let that run after running loose for a mile and a half is beyond me no wonder punters get fed up, the trainer should be banned it was obviously not stable cash that came for it or it would have been pulled.

  2. Agreed mate, total joke. Didn't realise you were the reason for it happening though! Only joking, good to have you on board again!

  3. Hello Mate, I have added your blog and good luck!!!

  4. Heard a whisper for cannon fire in the 15.00 ludlow dont shoot the messenger had a fiver e/w at 16s good luck if you play mate