Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Tough Tuesday

The worst day for a while in terms of performances, with five selections all well beaten.

January's been a strange, and frustrating month. Plenty of horses have run with credit, we've beaten the SP on many occasions, but we're staring at a 14pt loss so far. Still plenty of time to turn things around for the month however, all it takes is one decent day.

Not much to say about today's picks, really poor displays.

First up we had Alaskan Prince (2pts), in the 1.30 at Southwell, at 11/1. After opening on course at 8s he drifted to 10/1 before never getting into it to finish 9th.

Then we put up Bearneen Boy (1pt) in the 1.40 at Folkestone, at 7/1. After shortening to 5/1 at the off, he was sent out to make all but that it didn't happen for him in the mud and he finished 5th. Credit to jockey Trevor Whelan for giving it his all though.

In the 2.00 at Southwell we had Overyou (1pt), at 6/1. Again we had the consolation of the value with the pick starting at 9/2 but after racing prominently for a while she couldn't keep pace with the leaders and got heavily eased towards the end.

In the 3.10 at Folkestone, Katalak (1pt) was our selection at 10/1. This was arguably the worst performance of the day with Jonathan De Giles' 8yo going off at 11s and eventually getting pulled up.

Whatever Next (1pt) was the aptly named next choice, in the 3.40 at Folkestone, at 6/1. Opening on course at 5/1, and supported into 9/2 for a time, he drifted to 7s before the off. He shared the lead for most of the contest but dropped tamely away when they got to the business end of the race. A poor showing, to cap a poor day.

Through the course of 2011 there'll be similar days to this, but there'll also be days where everything goes right. When everything is so about the big picture, and the long term, it's quite important to treat days like this with as much cold indifference as when a 25pt profit day rolls in although that of course is easier said than done!

We'll certainly hope for better tomorrow!

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP)

Alaskan Prince, 9th/12, 11/1 --- 10/1
Bearneen Boy, 5th/14, 7/1 --- 5/1
Overyou, 5th/7, 6/1 --- 9/2
Katalak, PU/6, 10/1 ---- 11/1
Whatever Next, 5th/6, 6/1 --- 7/1


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