Monday, 31 January 2011

January Analysis

In 2011 we'll be analysing our results on a monthly basis with a few stats to look back at how things have gone.

January was a frustrating month, with a relatively high number of second placed finishes, and five losers trading 1/3 in running or shorter.

Our strike rate at 11.76% is a shade under the 14% we would be ideally wanting as a minimum, but not far away.

What was most disappointing however was how our "strongest" selections pushed the month into a loss, with eight 2pt selections losing. If we'd have backed every horse with 1pt - we would be looking at 5pt profit for the month (7.35% ROI), but as it is we lost 3pts (-3.95% ROI).

Arguably the most important stat of all though is whether we are beating SP, and the good news is that we averaged 7.86/1 with our morning prices, and the SPs averaged at 6.89/1. It's this stat which should secure our long term profits.

So here we go:

January 2011

Bets 68
Wins 8 (11.76%)
2nds: 11 (16.18%)
3rds: 10 (14.71%)
Placed total: 29 (42.65%)
Average odds taken: 7.86/1
Average SP: 6.89/1

Profit / Loss: -3pts

So a steady month all told, now we can't wait to see what February brings!


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