Monday, 23 April 2012

Catch Up

We've not been having the best of it just lately, I think that's fair to say. As with most poor runs, we can look at a number of selections trading short in running before not finishing the job off, but such is life.

We had Seabass (12/1 adv - 8/1sp) in the National, who ran a fantastic race just didn't quite have the legs as they went to the elbow, but what a lovely ride from Katie. It was so sad to hear of the two fatalities and on a wider level just awful news for the sport, with racing again having to defend itself because of this one brilliant, but at times tough-to-watch contest. Much has been written about the national's future and I daresay not a lot will change once the clamour for alterations dies down, but I was chatting to friends the other day and we were asking the question - if we jumped forward 50 years and found that - at some point in time - the race was scrapped - would we actually be surprised. The answer's got to be a no. With that in mind I do wonder if things should be tweaked to halt this process, and reducing the field-size might be the answer. But at the same time, it's such a spectacle, and such a contest..

Other notable runners over the past week and a bit, second placed finishes for Rosie's Lady (6/1 adv), McMurrough (7/1 adv), Robbie (6/1adv) and Besty (12/1 adv). These all went either odds on or around evens in running and not to get a winner from them was pretty frustrating to say the least. We also had Red Merlin on Saturday in the Scottish Champion Hurdle go to nearly 1/5 before flattening out in the last couple of hundred yards or so.

Such things are sent to test us, but we live to fight another day and hopefully our next big upturn of form has begun today, with Treehouse (13/2sp) running out a good winner at Hexham. Onwards and upwards!

All the best for now.

Sam and The Market Examiner team.

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