Tuesday, 16 April 2013

April so far

An overdue look on how April has been faring, which started slowly for us but has been picking up over the last couple of days including a good 5/1 winner today leaving us a touch down for the month so far.

We start on April 1st, which was Easter Monday:

TIME     COURSE            SELECTION              0.5pt/1pt/2pt win    Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)

3.40        Huntingdon           Armdaddy                       1pt                          6/1 Totesport/Boyles/Betfred/Stan James 11/2 Bet365/BetVictor & others
4.15        Fakenham             Snake Charmer             1pt                          9/1 PP/Lads/Coral/BetVictor/Boyles/BetFred BOG 


3.25 Newcastle Avanos 7/1
2.35 Plumpton No No Cardinal 5/1
3.05 Plumpton Risk 4/1
4.00 Redcar Lady MacDuff 7/1

Ardmaddy touched shorter than 2/1 in running but eventually finished fourth, after going off a well backed 7/2.

Snake Charmer (15/2) ran poorly and was pulled up.

No joy among the mentions, with Risk the only to get placed, in third.

Next up was April 2nd:

TIME     COURSE            SELECTION              0.5pt/1pt/2pt win    Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
No selections


3.10 Exeter Midnight Haze 14-1
5.40 Exeter Brockwell Park 9-1

Good priced mentions here, and both ran well but found one too good, Midnight Haze finishing 2nd after touching 2.66 in running, while Brockwell park hit 1.53 before also finishing 2nd.

On to April 3rd:

TIME     COURSE            SELECTION              0.5pt/1pt/2pt win    Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)

2.40        Wetherby             Grethel                                     1pt                11-1 Tote, BetFred,Coral,Boyle. 10-1 Sky,SJames


5.10 Weth  Greyhope 8-1

Grethel stayed on into third after going off at 11/1. Greyhope was pulled up.

Next was April 4th:

TIME     COURSE            SELECTION              0.5pt/1pt/2pt win    Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
 3.20        Taunton                 Alasi                                     1pt                 5-1 Lads,BetVictor,Tote,Boyle

5.25         Aintree                Sixty Something                      1pt                  14-1 Hills,Boyle,Coral,Tote,BetVictor 


Alasi ran ok for a good while but was eventually well beaten while Sixty Something also ran with credit, finishing 6th of 21 at Aintree, just not seeing it out as well as some.

Onto April 5th:

TIME     COURSE            SELECTION              0.5pt/1pt/2pt win    Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)

No selections


2.45 Sedge Ballymartin King 7-1
4.05 Leices Greensward 5-1
5.05 Sedge Bridlingtonbygones 6-1

Bridlingtonbygones was a winner for the mentions here, after going off at 7/2.

April 6th:

TIME     COURSE            SELECTION              0.5pt/1pt/2pt win    Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)

4.15         Aintree                  Teaforthree                  0.5pt                          14/1 Hills Bet365


1.45 Aintree Eduard 4/1
4.15 Aintree Seabass 9/1
5.10 Aintree Ranjaan 13/2 

Teaforthree ran an absolute cracker in the National, touching 1.43 in running before just not quite seeing it out, with a slow, perhaps tired jump at the last when leading putting a dent in his chances. 

April 7th

TIME     COURSE            SELECTION              0.5pt/1pt/2pt win    Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)

No selections


2.15 Ascot Firey King 16/1
2.50 Ascot Well Regarded 5/2
3.25 Ascot Calculated Risk 4/1
4.55 Hexham Venture to War 7/2

Calculated Risk won for the of interests here, after starting at 4/1.

Onto April 8th:

TIME     COURSE            SELECTION              0.5pt/1pt/2pt win    Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
5.00    Kelso                   Bow School                                    1pt                     4-1 general


3.00 Kelso Ifyouthinkso 6-1

Bow School travelled well for much of the race and came into the picture strongly, but couldn't quite go with them in the closing stages, finishing fourth after starting at 6/1. 

Ifyouthinkso was well beaten.

On April 9th we had:

TIME     COURSE            SELECTION              0.5pt/1pt/2pt win    Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
3.10           Pont                    Queen Aggie                     1pt                    16-1 W Hill,Coral,BFred,Sky


2.10 Pont King of Paradise 10-1
3.40 Pont  Marmas 10-1
4.55 Carl Highrate 8-1
5.15 Pont Carragold 8-1

Not good here from Queen Aggie who drifted to 20/1 before never looking remotely like getting involved.

Carragold put in the best effort of the mentions, finishing second at Pontefract.

Onto April 10th:

TIME     COURSE            SELECTION              0.5pt/1pt/2pt win    Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)

No selections today


2.10 Nottingham Stepping Ahead 5/1
2.20 Catterick Ridgeblade 10/1
2.40 Nottingham Moviesta 7/2

A bit frustrating here, with Stepping Ahead, who was desperately close to being a selection, running out an easy winner after being really well backed, starting at 9/4. 

The other two mentions finished out of the frame but both ran well, touching 2.22 and 2.56 in running. Moviesta was checked in running more than once and must be worth another chance.

April 11th:

TIME     COURSE            SELECTION              0.5pt/1pt/2pt win    Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)

3.30         Wincanton            Ceepeegee                     1pt                          4/1 generally bog


4.30 Wincanton Louis Pasteur 6/1

Ceepeegee was warmly supported, going off at 3/1 but never really looked like landing a blow when things hotted up, finishing fourth.

April 12th:

TIME     COURSE            SELECTION              0.5pt/1pt/2pt win    Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)

No selections


3.15 Chepstow Baileys Concerto 9/2
4.35 Wetherby Classic Cut 10/1
5.10 Weterby Embsay Crag 11/2
6.00 Chepstow Barton Gift 4/1

Not a lot to report here with Barton Gift going closest, finishing 2nd of 14 for the mentions.

April 13th:

TIME     COURSE            SELECTION              0.5pt/1pt/2pt win    Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)

1.50         Doncaster            Peterkin                         1pt                           3/1 generally bog

3.05 Stratford Down The Stretch 20/1
3.20 Uttoxeter Granville Island 7/2
3.40 Stratford Alwaystheoptimist 11/2
4.15 Stratford Iolith 7/2
4.50 Stratford Western Kate 7/2
5.35 Uttoxeter Caroline Wren 16/1

A cracking winner from 2yo Peterkin, was put in a pillar to post success for Mark Johnston, justifying substantial support. 

Granville Island was a winner among the mentions

Onto April 14th:

TIME     COURSE            SELECTION              0.5pt/1pt/2pt win    Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)

2.30         Market Rasen       Samizdat                        1pt                         12/1 PP/Boyles/Sporting Bet 11/1 Will Hill

Samizdat started at 14/1 and stayed on into a place, the first time he had been placed in 18 attempts, since finishing second at Market Rasen back in March 2011, showing the morning money was probably from those expecting him to start running into a bit of form.

On April 15th we had:

TIME     COURSE            SELECTION              0.5pt/1pt/2pt win    Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)

3.30         Newcastle            Arc Light                      1pt                            5/1 Bet365/BetVictor/Boyles/StanJames bog


2.50 Windsor Woolfall Sovereign 11/2
3.50 Windsor Sir Mike 9/1
4.50 Windsor Mountain Range 8/1
5.00 Newcastle Natures Law 8/1
6.00 Newcastle Zarosa 4/1

Arc Light ran well, pushing evens in running before being beaten just over a length in fourth, after drifting to 9/1 at SP.

Zarosa was a winner for the of interests after going off at 9/2

And then today, April 16th, we had:

TIME     COURSE            SELECTION              0.5pt/1pt/2pt win    Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)

3.25         Kempton              Autumm Spirit                1pt                          12/1 Hills/Coral/BetVictor/Totesport & others
5.10         Kempton              No Loose Change         1pt                          5/1 Totesport/Betfred 9/2 BetVictor/StanJames/SportingBet


2.00 Exeter Loudmouth 4/1
2.50 Kempton Le Bec 2/1

3.00 Exeter Global Power 11/2
4.45 Exeter Euro Farmer 8/1
5.45 Kempton Working Title 7/1
5.50 Exeter It's A Mistake 9/1

Autumm Spirit was well beaten on his reappearance today, after drifting to a massive 25/1 at SP, 46.33 at BSP (!). However he actually stayed on quite well towards the end, albeit possibly past beaten horses and is one to perhaps keep an eye out for at a decent price.

No Loose Change's altogether made better viewing, with his victory virtually never in doubt from the first strides, after going off at 11/4.

Globabl Power ran best of all among the mentions, finishing second, collared near the line after hitting 1.2 in running. Loudmouth also went to 1.52 before finishing third.

Summary of Results:

April 1st 2013:

Armdaddy, 4th/10, 6/1 --- 7/2
Snake Charmer, PU/8, 9/1 --- 15/2

April 3rd 2013:

Grethel, 3rd/9, 11/1 --- 11/1

April 4th 2013:

Alasi, 6th/6, 5/1 --- 9/2
Sixty Something, 14/1 --- 12/1

April 6th 2013:

Teaforthree, 3rd/40, 14/1 --- 10/1

April 8th 2013:

Bow School, 4th/9, 4/1 --- 6/1

April 9th 2013:

Queen Aggie, 8th/10, 16/1 --- 20/1

April 11th 2013:

Ceepeegee, 4th/7, 4/1 --- 3/1

April 13th 2013:

Peterkin, 1st/6, 3/1 --- 2/1

April 14th 2013:

Samizdat, 3rd/8, 12/1 --- 14/1

April 15th 2013:

Arc Light, 4th/11, 5/1 --- 9/1

April 16th 2013:

Autumm Spirit, 5th/8, 12/1 --- 25/1
No Loose Change, 1st/10, 5/1 --- 11/4

It all leaves April -3.5pts for now. With placed efforts at 11/1, 14/1 and 12/1 so far this month, we've not been a million miles away from spinning that around into profit, and we look forward to the rest of the month with optimism.

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