Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Not pretty

Over the course of a year, we'll have some brilliant days, many average days, and some pretty horrible days. Today was sadly one of the later. Seven points dropped, and a collection of poor performances.

We had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
2.20 Nott Lees Anthem 1pt 9-2 general, 5-1 Coral, B365
3.15 Carl Captain Scooby 1pt 11-2 +, incl 6-1 Lads, Betfred, Coral, Tote
3.50 Carl Breezolini 1pt 7-1 general, 17-2 VC
4.05 Nott Rockweiller 1pt 5-1 + general, 7-1 B365, W Hill, Lads
5.05 Heref Hectors House 2Pts 12-1 general, 14-1W Hill, VC, Sky, Boyle
5.30 Carl Spahi 1pt 8-1 general, 9s W Hill, B365, S James

It all started with Lees Anthem, who went off a 9/2 shot and was scrubbed along early to try to get close to the pace. He then faded tamely out of contention to make it a poor start to the day.

Captain Scooby didn't perform much better, going off at 8/1 and ending well beaten.

Breezolini's price drifted before being she was supported again, although she still went off a 10/1 shot. Held up well off the pace she started to make up ground all too late and ended up coasting home in midfield.

Rockweiller was next and another who finished well down, although at least we got the price this time, with Steve Gollings' 4yo going off a 9/2 shot. He was there or thereabouts two furlongs from home but ended up being eased home.

We then looked to our 2pt selection to give the day a much needed lift. We got the price here, with Hector's House going off at 9/1. He was a little outpaced to begin with and had to be content with sitting at the back. By the time he'd moved up through the field the front two had scooted clear and we had to be content with fourth.

And so we were left with Spahi, who went off a nicely backed 11/2. His rider gave the leaders a huge lead, but it looked for a moment like he was going to come with a winning run as he improved into the picture. Not to be though, with the selection's effort petering out.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Lees Anthem, 8th/8, 5/1 --- 9/2
Captain Scooby, 6th/9, 6/1 --- 8/1
Breezolini, 6th/9, 7/1 --- 10/1
Rockweiller, 12th/15, 7/1 --- 9/2
Hector's House, 4th/8, 14/1 --- 9/1
Spahi, 5th/10, 9/1 --- 5/1

It's annoying to have to say it, but its runs like this which remind us of the importance of solid staking plans. Working on a strike rate of around 15% will statistically occasionally throw up losing runs of 40 plus, we're still some way off that, but it does unfortunately go with the territory. All we can say to those of our newer members who are feeling a bit beaten up by it all, please try to think of the big picture, we'll get it back and more, of that we're absolutely sure.

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