Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Limited space available

For the first time in more than four months, we have limited space available to join our service.

Our prices are as follows:

One month: £22.50
Three months: £65 (£21.66 per month)
Six months: £115 (£19.17 per month)
Twelve months: £205 (£17.08 per month)

If you would like to receive text alerts in addition to email, that will cost an extra £2 per month, just to cover our costs.

We don't expect to have our doors open for long, and as soon as we reach our limit we will once again close up shop, to protect prices for existing members.

This year not only do we have an ROI of more than 25%, with profits to date of nearly 160pts, we have also been given an excellent review by the highly respected Secret Betting Club and were also awarded their "Best Newcomer" award.

We fully expect to have another very strong NH season in the coming months so there may be no better time that to join us.

If you have any questions, do please contact us.

All the best,


PS - if you're wondering how Tuesday went for us - we had no selections today.

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