Saturday, 26 May 2012

GTV (aka Got/Get/Getting The Value)

We've not had the best of it since our last update, although we continue to get the value, in the main, and that's the main thing, as our members probably tire of us talking about!

We're in profit for May still, but there's no getting away from the fact that we've had a poor run since Jolly Roger went in for us on 13th May. It's always useful to double check prices stats at times like this. Well, from the 30 selections which have run since then, on only seven occasions has SP been bigger than advised (and that's price taken ten minutes after selections are distributed). In 20 cases we've got better than SP, 3 times the same. We've secured an average of 6.95/1 whereas the SP has been an average of 6.3/1. The prices are scewed somewhat, also by a couple of pretty big drifters, for example Hollinwell 5/1 --- 10/1, Tyup Pompey 8/1 --- 14/1. Without these two we would be looking at 6.98/1 average advised price, to an average SP of 5.9/1

It really is important to know that this value is being secured, if only to help keep a positive mindset! For example if we repeated today's bet, on Hadaj 1000 times, getting 11/2 about a 4/1 shot, we'll be in very good order.

So we look ahead to tomorrow, and beyond for a similar sort of positive value return, but hopefully some financial rewards with actual results. They will come, it'd just be nice for it to happen in an explosive way, starting tomorrow!

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