Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ending with a flourish

What a strange month May's been, we started really well, had a very poor run in the middle, and finished strongly, thanks to four winners in our last 14 picks, including a lovely 6/1 winner last night, and 10/1 return today (although many members would have got 12/1 or 11/1).

Today's came courtesy of Autarch staying on really strongly to win the 3.05 at Brighton, and last night we had an eight length winner in the form of Landaman in the last at Beverley. Great stuff.

It means we're up by 16.57pts in the end, a ROI of 22.09%, our best month of the year so far. Sure it could have been even better had a few other things fallen our way, but we're not complaining and we look forward to June with a spring in our step.

We'll return soon with our full review for May.


Just as a foot-note today, we thought we'd copy over part of our latest results update which we send to members, looking at more detail about today's winner - in particular the fact he was matched in 1000 in-running:


Jim Crowley got a terrific tune out of Autarch. One of the first off the bridle, he was seemingly tapped for toe, which is no surprise as Amanda Perrett's 3yo probably wants further, but he stayed on really strongly in the last furlong to win in the last 30 yards to get up by 3/4 length. It didn't look the likeliest of winners a furlong or so from home, but he wasn't completely out of it so it came as quite a shock when a subscriber pointed out he'd been layed at 1000 for £54 in running. Ouch ouch ouch.

It's interesting actually, one of our long-held theories has been that it might be worth putting our selections up at big-prices in-running, with the theory being that a jock on a horse told that he should win, or at least get a place, won't give up as early as some. It turned out to not quite ring true (based on since Jan 1st 2010) last time we looked into it. But that's the second 1000 in-running winner we've had (from just over 1600 selections) so that's now a profitable line.

If you're interested, here's our last one - Stow - back in November 2010 -

And here's another that hit 1000 in running two or three times, before trading at 1.03 (and then losing) - our first selection of this very busy day back in January 2011 -

Obviously it's the sort of punt that would suit only the most patient of folk, and it would be achingly annoying to have a winner hit 1000 and actually not get matched because you're down the queue, but still it's quite intriguing nonetheless. Maybe putting up 990 or such would off-set that. 


Worth a thought or two anyway! If you're a long-term reader and never joined, why not do so today. 

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