Thursday, 19 August 2010

Two today

Another near miss yesterday but let's hope we go one better with one of these, with in form Keiren Fallon on board the Oaks runner up as she goes for the Yorkshire equivalent:

Strat 2.05 Bazart 6-1 general, 7s Betfred 1pt win

York 3.25 Meeznah 12-1 Lads, W Hill, Skybet, B365 1pt win

Slow going this week, with not many selections and a good smattering of frustrations.
Bazart was really well backed into 7/2 but had no sort of race, hampered by a loose horse which seemed to really put him off his stride.

At least Meeznah got further than Sariska in the Yorkshire Oaks, but although she stayed on quite well she was never troubling the fabulously impressive Midday. At least we beat SP again though which over time will keep us in profits.

Confirmation of results with sps:

Bazart, 6th/10, 7/2

Meeznah, 4th/8, 10/1

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  1. Hi mate

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  2. Hi Steve, no problem at all, good site! All the best, CD