Monday, 2 May 2011

April Analysis

Time for a look back at April, which was a funny month all told. It took us a while to get going, and in the end it was good to finish with a profit of 8pts, to make it three months of profits in a row, albeit without the spectacular success of February and March.

Let's look at the stats

We had:

Bets: 79

Wins: 11 (13.92%)
2nds: 5 (6.33%)
3rds: 6 (7.6%)
Placed total: 21 (27.85%)
Average odds taken: 7.67/1
Average SP: 6.95/1
Average win odds: 6.36/1
Profit/Loss: +8pts
Return On Investment: +8.89%

A fairly poor month in terms of the number of placed selections, but the win rate holding up reasonably despite some poor spells of results. The most important stat of all held up nicely, with the average odds advised at 7.67/1 beating the average SP of 6.95/1. We had two or three very big drifters, including Short Supply near the start of the month advised at 8/1 going off at 20/1, which obviously affects the stats a tad. Still, perfectly respectable.

Just a quick note on that, those advised odds vs SP odds would look much better of course if we counted SP as our advised price if we had suggested a BOG bookie. For example, Short Supply would have been a 20/1 winner for us had he actually had won, but we don't think that's a fair way to analyse whether we're beating SP.

So all told another good month, although not as explosively profitable as February and March.

Hopefully we can keep things going in May!

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