Friday, 23 March 2012


So on Tuesday night we were writing how things were turning for the better, and how it was "hopefully the start of a long overdue sweep back towards strongly building on earlier profits."

Well three days on and a reminder that there's no getting carried away in this game, with eleven points dropped. Clutching at positives, we've got the price with the majority of our selections, and most have been there pitching when the action got serious, but still, a highly frustrating three days. Tomorrow's another day and it can all change very quickly - and for the better.

Let's start yesterday where we had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 0.5pt/1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
3.00 Carlisle Prince Blackthorn 0.5pt 8/1+ generally inc. 17/2 Hills 9/1 Totesport
4.20 Chepstow Henry Hook 0.5pt 6/1 generally
4.20 Chepstow Timetoring 0.5pt 16/1+generally inc. 20/1 Hills/Lads
4.40 Carlisle Prince Of Dreams 1pt 9/2+generally inc. 5/1 Lads/Hills &others
5.05 Fontwell I've Been Framed 0.5pt 5/1+generally inc. 6/1 Coral&others 13/2 Totesport

Prince Blackthorn went off at 7/1, was held up and never able to get into it.

Henry Hook (5/1 SP) led and looked promising, touching just above evens in running, but when he was joined he had no answer, and he finished 7th. Timetoring was a candidate for our worst showing of the year, going off at 25/1 and never looking remotely in it.

Back at Carlisle and Prince Of Dreams was held up right at the back and made smooth progress to come to seemingly throw down a challenge, but he was never able to get close enough to the leader who had flown and in the end got out battled for second, finishing third, after starting at 5/1.

I've Been Framed was another to look promising for a while, but he was outpaced when things got serious and he could only finish third.

On to today and we had three, all relatively short priced (for us):

TIME COURSE SELECTION 0.5pt/1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
2.40 Newbury Amigayle 1pt 9/2+ generally inc. 5/1 Hills/Totesport&others
5.10 Sedgefield City Ground 1pt 5/1+generally inc. 11/2 Hills/Bet365/SportingBet
5.30 Newbury Magic Prospect 1pt 5/1+generally inc. 11/2 Hills/StanJames/SportingBet/Skybet

Amigayle jumped right at a few fences, and tried to win it from the front, but lost the lead four out, and lost second on the run-in, finishing third in the end (SP 7/1).

City Ground was strongly backed all the way into 2/1, and came with what looked a highly promising run before the tank emptied and the winner skipped clear.

Magic Prospect was hampered by fallers two out but it wouldn't have made any difference, with Charlie Mann's 5yo too one paced to get properly competitive, finishing third, after starting at 5/1.

Summary of Results with prices (advised --- SP):

22nd March 2012

Prince Blackthorn, 7th/9, 8/1 --- 7/1
Henry Hook, 7th/16, 6/1 --- 5/1
Timetoring, 16th/16, 20/1 --- 25/1
Prince Of Dreams, 3rd/8, 5/1 --- 5/1
I've Been Framed, 3rd/6, 6/1 --- 4/1

23rd March 2012

Amigayle, 3rd/12, 5/1 --- 7/1
City Ground, 3rd/5, 5/1 --- 2/1
Magic Prospect, 3rd/11, 11/2 --- 5/1

On we go and let's see what the weekend brings. Next update will likely be on Sunday night, let's hope we're celebrating a profit packed couple of days!

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