Friday, 8 March 2013

Cheltenham Profit Pack

A quick plug for The Secret Betting Club's superb Cheltenham Profit Pack, part of which has been contribute to by ourselves.

It's completely free, and a cracking read.

If you enter your email address by clicking here, they'll send you your free copy.

We have analysed all the horses which opened on course at the Festival at 3/1 or shorter, to see how they performed, and whether if they were backed in, or drifted made any difference to their profit line.

We also looked at whether favourites perform best in the hurdles, or chase events - and also checked out their result in their next race after Cheltenham. We think the results are pretty interesting and well worth checking out!

It's not just our section we'd be keen to mention though, there are a lot of very well thought out previews of the the action and some really good looking tips, which while of course we can't vouch for ourselves, certainly offer some keen food for thought.

It's perfect if you're getting excited about Cheltenham drawing near, and let's face it if you're a fan of jump racing it's a bit like being a child again looking forward to Christmas...!

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