Monday, 25 March 2013

Subs Costs Cut - seven day special offer

As you may well be aware, from November 1st 2012, we at The Market Examiner tweaked our selection policy on the basis of some intense statistical research into our results.

We have been delighted with the impact it has made, with 46pts of profit banked from 99 selections, a return on investment of a stunning +46.94%.

It all means we are about to post our fourth profitable month out of five.

And to celebrate our pending 100th selection since this new selection process was brought in, we have decided to offer a SEVEN DAY reduction in our 3, 6 & 12 month subscription rates - with the cut-price deal yours for life assuming you stay with us.

It means until the end of March 2013, a three month subscription is just £50, six months is just £90 and twelve months just £160!

And we guarantee we will NEVER put it up for as long as the subscription remains active. These rates are from when our service first launched in 2010, and more than 20% down on current prices. 

Please go to this page to make the most of this brilliant offer.

The offer is also available to existing subscribers.

Don't forget, you also needn't worry about losing days because of the weather, as we add days of turf racing lost to the weather to existing subscriptions.

Overall, our record since results proofing began on January 1st 2010 stands at a stunning +317.24pts (15.47%ROI).

If you have any questions about the service, please do ask. Email us at selections ( @ )

If you're not already with us, we hope to welcome you aboard soon.

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