Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Knocking on the door

Well that was a bit of a nasty day.

Three seconds, including one (Laustra Bad) beaten in a photo on the line.

SPs were 33-1, 9-2, 5-1 and 9-1.

I've just checked and seen I could have had an 8-1 winner as well today, if I'd been a little less picky about my selections. That follows Sunday when again I talked myself out of a 10-1 shot which bolted up because it didn't quite have the credentials I look for. Hey-ho, you can't back them all and it's important to be disciplined of course, but it's still a bit nasty. At least it shows the winners are out there!

Just looking at my recent poor run, with one win in 30 attempts, I've noticed that of those 29 losers, 15 have been placed, including 9 seconds. So that's a 51.7% placed strike rate at average odds of 6.8/1 - not too bad really, just need a few more of them to get to the post first! Roll on tomorrow.

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