Monday, 16 February 2009

Starting out

Ok this is the first posting of my first ever blog. I'm doing it because I think it might be quite fun to track the progress of a horse racing system which I'm convinced will make my fortune.

I started with £150 and am looking to turn it into (with any luck) many thousand!

This began in November 2008, although my research goes back many more years than that. I like to follow market moves and am convinced it's a successful way of punting.

This is how it's gone so far:

Starting bank: £150

November: 29 bets - 3 wins - LOSS: £32.58 (-21.7% of bank) - Total bank: £117.42

December: 43 bets - 9 wins - PROFIT: £80.91 (+69% of bank) - Total bank: £198.33

January: 39 bets - 6 wins - PROFIT: £32.70 (+16% of bank) - Total bank: £231.03

February (so far) 10 bets - 1 win - LOSS: £31.22 (-13.5% of bank) - Total bank: £199.81

This only tells part of the story, because the bank had actually climbed to a peak of £312.20 (as you might be able to see from the graph below), but since then I've had one win in 23 races - not a good run at all! I like to back at decent prices though (at least 4-1), and my current average win price is 6.47-1, with a strike rate of 15.7%, so long runs are to be expected.

As for my staking plan, I am currently staking a 2% of my total bank, with a ratchet setting so once the bank reaches a new peak the 2% figure is found and not reduced until the bank climbs to a new peak.

At the moment, that is the way I will play it, until the bank gets to £1000, at which point I will reduce my stake by half if I was to halve the bank half in total. I have many many months (years in fact) of research behind me and have found that that extra caution is important if I don't want a bust bank. It's entirely possible I wouldn't go bust keeping at the 2% ratchet figure but I don't want to take risks, and have found that there is a good chance at some point over 1,000 +bets that the bank would inevitably go bust because of a losing run with the sort of strike rate I am getting. I use a staking plan programme called The Staking Machine by the way, and can highly recommend it (

Anyway so over the course of this blog, I hopefully will chart my growing bank.

I'll also try to put up the horses I back at some point during the day charting what bookies and price I get.

This is a blog for my own purpose really but if you are interested in it then you're very welcome to join me on my journey! Thanks for reading.

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  1. try learning to read usa racing form
    its much easier to find the winners once you have learned. theres much more information
    british and irish racing are very difficult to evaluate theres too much info missing. brisnet .com are good places to start.
    also staking plan bet 5%big 3% medium 2% small
    hope this helps good luck