Monday, 23 February 2009

The run continues

Well the little break hasn't killed off the virus, with today's selections finishing -nowhere - and then unseated (while going nicely) - being today's results.

Sps were 9-1 (!) and 9/2.

Thank goodness I have total confidence in the long term success of this plan or else I'd be getting concerned.

As it is, I'm sure things will turn around soon!!

At least we had decent value with the second of the selections. Not sure why Intensifier drifted so much, although he did run a pig of a race so maybe something amiss in the end.

It does happen that well backed horses can drift before winning, so I always like to back with a bookies that gives guaranteed odds on the rare occassions that happens (although I would never forego that for a half point worse price in the morning).

I find betfair (via a phone call) to be a decent alternative to the bookies when I can't get near a laptop or computer, but its prices are often half a point or so worse off than the best bookies, particularly at the time I get on.

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