Thursday, 26 February 2009

Much more like it!!!

Ok the end is near to our recent poor run!

Yesterday saw a couple of wins, and a bit of drama too.

3.10 Folkestone - Bearneed Boy 13/2 - FIRST - SP 7-2
3.40 Folkestone - Pocketwood 11/1 - SECOND (beaten 3/4 length!) - SP 13-2
4.10 Folkestone - Russian Trigger 15/2- FIRST - SP 12-1(!!)

Funny how I was just saying the other day how drifters can still win - it's the early morning money which often counts for a lot.

Anyway my belief yesterday (and in fact the last week or two) that Bet365 gave guaranteed best price to enhanced win odds was yesterday ripped up and chucked out of the window, when Russian Trigger settled at 15/2. Now this is my mistake, but I genuinely thought all early prices covered the same guarantee, and when you go on to the enhanced win page there is no indication that guaranteed odds doesn't act.

Anyway, after a phone call to the Bet365 customer service team, suggesting things weren't made obvious, and could they just this once settle at SP given it was my (mistaken) belief that I was getting the guaranteed odds, they did it for me! So thanks to those guys, I'm really impressed - so five stars to them.

The bank has now been boosted a fair bit, although not to its peak, so we're still playing with £6.24 win singles. It's up to £271.61, so the graph has a bit more of a pleasant look to it!


  1. Greetings,

    Added your blog to my list. Will enjoy reading your blog.

    All the best!

  2. I use betfair for all my bets and haven't ventured into the realms of guaranteed odds etc... So for a green behind the ears bookie bettor could you please explain how bog works?

    Good to see you're on your way back. James.

  3. Thanks for the messages.


    It's pretty straight forward really, there are several bookies which offer guaranteed best odds on all the early races. From memory, they are Bet365, Paddy Power, William Hill, Stan James, and I'm sure a few others too.

    Basically when you take a price in the morning, if the price drifts they will pay you at SP. At big odds this can of course make quite a difference. From my point of view my main policy is around finding value punts in the morning and seeing the runners go off shorter than they start, so it shouldn't really help me, but obviously some horses do drift even if you don't expect them too.

    It obviously always make sense to back with a bookies with guaranteed odds if they have the same prices as other bookies, and this is something obviously betfair can't provide (more's the pity).

    On the betfair forum the perceived view of guaranteed odds bookies is that it's only done by firms which have the lowest odds in the morning. I can assure you this is generally absolute rubbish. There are also people on betfair forums who swear blind that betfair is always the best for value, but in my experience it's often not (particularly in the morning on horses who's prices have moved).