Monday, 16 February 2009

My first attempt

I just wanted to write quickly about a previous attempt to "win a fortune", which again was centred purely around the following of market moves.

Basically I built up a bank from around £200, which was from a bonus at work, to around £500, when I started taking proper notes, using excel. The graph on the right shows its progress from that point, in January 2006 to July 2007. As you may be able to see, it rose to a peak of just over £3000, but it was built on fragile ground as the staking plan was just too aggressive. I was using a 10% of bank staking plan, and while it built up very quickly when things were going well, it also dropped extremely quickly when I had a losing run. In the end, after I had changed staking plan and was enjoying a relatively calm ride I had to postpone things for my wedding, so the money was taken out to help pay for that. For one reason or another it took me a year to revisit things, and now after a few more months research here I am.

I have shown this is a profitable thing to do, and with patience and a little luck, I can make it work again. I just need to keep things a little steadier this time - and stick to it!

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