Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Three today

Aiming to bounce back with one or more of these, all backed with William Hill,

Physical Force - Sedgefield 16:00 9/1

Remainder - Sedgefield - 16.30 10/1

Fujin Dancer - Southwell - 17.10 7/1

Well a successful day!

Fujin Dancer winning the last very comfortably. Each of the selections again well backed again so nice to see the "value" was had. Remainder sounded a winner approaching the last but then dropped like a stone to finish fourth, a shame would have meant for an excellent day rather than just a good one!

Physical Force - UR - 11/2sp
Remainder - 4th - 13/2
Fujin Dancer - 1st - 4/1


  1. Good to see Fujin Dancer winning - well backed too which fits your format of anticipated gambles.


  2. I see your 5 points better off today then CD.
    I had a 3 point loss today myself, but thats how it goes sometimes.
    Good Luck again tomorrow!

  3. Thanks guys - yes at long last reason to cheer. Hopefully that means the oil tanker is slowing changing direction towards a brighter next few weeks. Still looking extremely unlikely that March will be anywhere near a break even month which is hugely disappointing, but still a few days to go.

    And of course it's all about the long haul! Good luck to you both too, Cheers.