Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Four today

It's good luck to :

Prioryjo - in the 3.05 at Wetherby - 10-1 with Bet365

Sir Bathwick - in the 3.40 at Wetherby 11-2 with Stan James

Dawn Ride in the 4.45 at Wetherby - 8-1 with ToteSport

Munlochy Bay - in the 5.05 at Folkestone - 4-1 with Bet365

Three profitable betting days in a row, it looks like things are beginning to turn around again I'm pleased to say. Dawn Ride won really easily, but a shame Munlochy Bay couldn't quite win the last (beaten half a length) otherwise it would have been even better. Still, second places have been pretty much par for the course these last few weeks so quite immune to it!

Prioryjo, PU, 16-1 sp

Sir Bathwick, 3rd, 4-1

Dawn Ride, 1st, 6-1

Munlochy Bay, 2nd, 7-2


  1. Decent winner and second. Good to see you going well.


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  3. Thanks Jason! I was always sure the winners would come again eventually but nice when it happens. Am behind schedule and need a good next couple of months but still very confident in getting a decent amount of profit by the end of the summer.