Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The mad month of March

Just to put on here the final standings after March.

What a rubbish time was had, 70 bets and only six wins - a loss of some £133.57 in the end (- 56.9% of bank).

During that time there was a straight run of 30 losers, a record for my research and quite a few large priced runners up (including 20/1, 14/1 , 10/1).

Things have improved in the last few days which hopefully means we can continue the good form into April.

My overall strike rate is currently standing at 13.08%, where from my research I would be expecting at least 15% , so things have been under performing since the start of this betting plan (started November 19th 2008). I see no reason why things won't correct themselves in the next few weeks/months.

I haven't really ever set any proper targets for this, (apart from the overall slightly grandiose aim of "winning a fortune"!) and I prefer it this way, I don't want to feel hampered by profit plans and slipping behind. Having said that, I think it's safe to say I'd be disappointed if the bank wasn't sitting with at least £500 by this time next year. That may not seem like a large amount of money, but the fact is if that percentage increase can be repeated again by the following April the bank would then be on £2500, and then the following April again it would be £12500. It's going to take a while but I'm sure this can pay very generously in the long run, with a stable and steady staking plan. All will become clear in the months ahead!

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