Saturday, 4 April 2009

Away from the National..

Two today, annoyingly both backed with Coral who don't offer guaranteed best odds.

Wanted to get on with Stan James with one of them but their website isn't loading (assuming it's temporarily down because of too much traffic, wonder how much £ that could cost them today)

Anyway it's good luck to:

Dechiper, Newcastle 15:05, 10/1

Aheadofhistime, Chepstow 16:05, 6/1

By the way here are my four for the big one today:

1) Himalayan Trail
2) Rambling Minster
3) Butler's Cabin
4) Offshore Account

Very open race though.

What a spectacle - I think it's my highlight of the sporting year!

Well a total wipe out in the National, but the system finds a nice winner at Chepstow!

Dechiper, 5th, 10/1sp

Aheadofhistime, 1st, 9/2


  1. Another winner. The worm has turned. :-). Good to see you back in form.


  2. Nice one CD. Aheadofyourtime to get in early as you gained 1 & 1/2 points on Aheadofhistime :)
    good result!
    Regards Anthony

  3. Thanks both yes it's been a week and a half or so, hopefully things will continue!