Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Four today

Been stuck in a meeting for 3 hours so missed nearly all the best prices about the following, very very annoying but can't be helped.

Anyway have best price guaranteed for all the selections which is something.

Good luck to:

Ouste, Sedgefield 14:50 stan james 9/2

Buckstruther, Sedgefield 15:50 9/1 will hill

Take Me There, Fontwell 16:30 4/1 will hill

Eton Fable, Pontefract 17:40 3/1 boylesports

Well it's almost like today never really happened, with level results for the day thanks to the 3/1 winner in the last.

Ouste, faller, 11/2

Buckstruther, 4th, 9/1

Take Me There, 5th, 9/4f

Eton Fable, 1st, 11/4f

Damn shame I was in the meeting this morning as I should have got 4/1 about Eton Fable but there you go what can you do! When the bank is at a decent enough level I might start employing somebody to place bets on my behalf to make sure I get the prices I'm after but a long way from that at present. Onwards to tomorrow.

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