Sunday, 26 April 2009

100th post! - three today

This is the 100th post since the blog began let's hope it can be crowned with a winner or two!

Ameeq was extremely close to being a "double stake" selection, but not quite, so that one will almost certainly win due to sods law!

Because of yesterday's winner, the bank was at a "renewed high" of £219.02, so that means stakes are now £4.38 win singles.

It's good luck to:

Williams Wishes Ludlow 3.05 5/1 bet365

Ameeq Ludlow 4.15 10/1 will hill

Stamford Blue Brighton 5.25 10/1 Bet365

Close but no cigar today, with 0/3 the return but at least a fair bit of value as normal.

Williams Wishes, 2nd, 3/1

Ameeq, 3rd, 17/2

Stamford Blue, 6th, 9/1

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