Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Five today

Quite a few being backed nicely,

Good luck to the following:

Rievaulx World, Nottingham 2.30 4/1 Bet365

Terrible Tenant, Hereford 3.40, 5/1 Will Hill

Star Strider, Brighton, 3.50, 6/1 Will Hill

Taste The Wine, Nottingham, 4.30, 10/1 Will Hill

Thoughtsofstardom, Brighton, 4.50, 12/1 Bet365

Wipeout today with no winners and one selection beaten by a 40/1 outsider. Nothing like being brought back down to earth after a good recent spell!

Got the value with most of these though which is the idea

Here's confirmation:

Rievaulx World, 6th, 5/2

Terrible Tenant, 2nd, 9/2

Star Strider, 6th, 15/2

Taste The Wine, 10th, 8/1

Thoughtsofstardom, 6th, 8/1


  1. Sorry old chap but the 40/1 shot made me a nice packet. Ta! :) Hope you's is o.k? JB

  2. Ha no problems, I see you've almost cracked the £10,000 barrier for the year - superb stuff!

  3. Hi james, didnt you back 10 horses in the race though to get the 40/1 winner?
    Or have I read your blog wrong?
    If your going level stakes it makes it a 3/1 shot for the return you will have got!
    Apologise if I am wrong!
    Regards Anthony

  4. No need for apologies sir! I had 2 in that race, King Ali and Illogical hope. Even so I have backed up to 9 in a race before and my blog does show results to 1 point level stakes.

    Nice reverse forecast the other day for you. And a 20/1sp winner yesterday! Class.