Friday, 24 April 2009

Return On Investment and other stats

Just in case you're interested, I thought I'd log some stats 298 bets into this plan.

Total wins: 44
Level stakes profit: +35.75pts
Average Odds: 8.29/1
Average Winning Odds: 6.59/1
Longest Winning Sequence: 3
Longest Losing Sequence: 30
Strike Rate: 14.77%
Required Strike Rate to produce profit assuming current winning odds continue: 13.2%
Return on Investment: 11.99%

Bought my Dad the new book Enemy Number One (which looks a cracking read by the way) for his birthday and apparently the word is a decent ROI is anything above 8%, so pretty good so far on that scale. If anybody has thoughts on ROI I'd be really interested to hear it, it's something I've not really thought much about for some reason until tonight.

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