Monday, 6 April 2009

Manic Monday

Very busy day ahead, with some big prices

Good luck to:

La Pantera Rosa Kelso 14:30 10/1 Coral
Annibale Caro Kelso 15:00 6/1 Sporting Bet
Efistorm Windsor 15:50 9/1 sporting bet
Majestic Chief Kelso 16:00 14/1 william hill
Popmurphy Windsor 16:20 9/2 bet365
Royal Envoy Windsor 16:50 11/1 william hill

A brilliant day today, with three straight wins in the middle there. It meant the bank has seen increased stakes throughout the day (a bit of a pain when you're busy at work incidentally!) Otherwise an unlucky unseated runner in the first, and a decent fourth to finish. Things are looking good.

La Pantera Rosa, UR, 10/1sp
Annibale Caro Kelso, 1st, 6/1
Efistorm Windsor , 1st, 5/1
Majestic Chief - NON RUNNER
Popmurphy Windsor, 1st 11/2 (guaranteed odds in play)
Royal Envoy Windsor, 4th, 10/1

The bank now stands at £160.64, with bets of £3.28.

It's possibly worth pointing out that if hadn't changed my staking plan when I did a couple of weeks ago the bank would be sitting on £241.95, but I won't dwell on it because my reasons for changing the plan were sound and still stand today. I'd love to be able to prove that I can turn £150 into a few thousand and not see the bank go bust along the way, and that is what I intend to do.


  1. Wow. A multi-winning day. You are firing in winners at will.


  2. Thanks chaps - on fire! I knew that recent reduction in stakes would turn things around - I think they call it sods law!

  3. Excellent return today CD.
    Just shows if you stick to it you can get your desired results

    Regards Anthony

  4. I linked them in doubles and trebles so it was a glorious day. If I could find your email address, I'd email you and ask where to send a carton of the world's finest beer. Shame there was a non-runner in the last, the trebles were each-ways as well!

  5. Thanks Anthony, and Scott - well done that's brilliant am really pleased for you! Don't worry about the beer just make sure you have a couple for me!