Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Level stake results month by month

It's occurred to me that it might be useful for people stopping by this blog to have some sort of running total in terms of pure level stakes pointage. I'll do this monthly from now on. As it stands my own staking plan (as discussed elsewhere) creates a slightly lopsided feel to the cash results at times as I look to increase wins when the money's there and stem losses if we have a few defeats.

So here is the first month by month tally to a single point level stake betting plan - starting in November when this plan kicked into gear (before this blog started).

November - 29 bets - 3 wins - minus 10.5pts (Running total -10.5pts)
December - 43 bets - 9 wins - plus 25.5pts (Running total + 15pts)
January - 39 bets - 6 wins - plus 11pts (Running total + 26pts)
February - 33 bets - 4 wins - plus 0.5pts (Running total +26.5pts)
March - 70 bets - 6 wins - minus 22.75pts (Running total +3.25pts)
April (at present) 18 bets - 6 wins - plus 24.5pts (Running total +27.75pts)

The overall strike rate is 14.66% and the average win odds are 6.64/1 while the average price of selection is 8.53/1.

November wasn't a complete month and January and February were hit very badly by abandoned fixtures (I don't follow all weather moves as they've proved far too unreliable). Obviously March (and much of Feb in fact) was tough but as mentioned elsewhere it's going to happen every now and then with a relatively low strike rate. There were a horrible amount of seconds in there though.

Anyway come each month's end I'll update on here my current bank, with current bet size but also keep a note of these level stake profit/loss tallies to a single point.

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  1. Ah... good to see some figures. Keep up the good work. JB