Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Today's results

Well the Cheltenham bets resulted in a profit!

Forpaddydeplasterer and Wichita Lineman doing the business today really well. Had another £1.02 on Wichita as well thanks to the bet365 offer of the channel 4 free bet next race thing.

Otherwise had a couple of seconds (Celestial Halo and United) as well. Nearly all my selections come from careful study of Paul Jones' excellent Cheltenham trends book, highly recommended.

In the end I'm up exactly £7! I do appreciate by the way this is a pathetic amount, but I'm just trying not to spend with the baby coming. It'll probably mean I have a good few winners and by Friday PM will be wishing I had done my usual decent punts but that's sods law for you!

As for the other "proper" bets, I am up to 24 losers in a row - a record and a quite sickening run.

Bulas Boy was backed into 15/2 before unseating before the second fence(!!!!!!! is this run of ridiculous early mishaps going to end soon?!)

And Sands Rising went off at 22/1 before running a reasonable race to come 4th.

Just about to get stuck into studying for tomorrow, will post my selections either tonight or in the morning.

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