Friday, 22 October 2010

Ten days to go

We are building up to the official launch of with a look back at the year so far and picking out a few notable events.

We're not and will never be in the market of just pretending the pursuit of winning is one long walk in the park, so today we will look at the longest run of the year without a winner.

June this year was the month to forget, a horrible spell of poor performances and unlucky losers. The month had began pretty poorly, with 17 points lost before we had got even as far as June 10th. On the 9th, things had looked to be turning around with one winner, and a second place from the three selections.

But from June 10th, to halfway through June 17th, 23 selections were found and not a single one came in. Four of them finished second, with one trading at odds of approaching 1/2 in running, but that was the closest we came. To make matters worse, seven of these picks were 2pt wins, so it all resulted in a 30pt downswing.

Amethyst Dawn won at 8/1 to cheer the spirits a little on that June 17th and then Ralleigh Quay won at 7/1 the day later. But the damage for June was done and we could never recover, to leave us with the only losing month of the year.

A good reminder, though of the importance of a solid and resilient staking plan. It's why we recommend a 100pt bank, or even a 200pt bank if you really do want a relaxed ride.

If you would like to join the service before we get going on November 1st please go to

One month is £17.50; Three months is £50 (£16.66 a month); Six months is £90 (£15 a month); Twelve months is £160 (£13.33 a month).

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