Saturday, 30 October 2010

Two days to go!

We're all set for Monday's official launch of But there's still time to join up before the big day!

We continue the build up with another look back piece on 2010's results - and it's a straight forward one. Return on investment.

ROI clearly is a cracking way of seeing how services compare - for those not sure of the term, it basically means how much is wagered to get the overall return.

There's a simple formula to find this - overall profit divided by total staked.

In 2010 for us this equates to 162.85pts (profit) divided by 728 points (staked).

This means our ROI for this year so far is 22.37% - as most professional punters are aiming to get to anything above 10% that's a pretty decent figure in anyone's book!

If you would like to join the service before we get going on Monday you'd be very welcome. Please go to

One month is £17.50; Three months is £50 (£16.66 a month); Six months is £90 (£15 a month); Twelve months is £160 (£13.33 a month).

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