Friday, 29 October 2010

Three days to go!

There is still time to join the service at before we get going but the days are running out! A real feeling of excitement here that this weekend will be the last for quite some time without selections being found.

For the last week or so we have been building up to the launch with a look back at notable days/events/results of 2010, and today we continue with a little look at in-running prices.

We were keen to see whether the morning advised price would more often that not hit that mark or bigger in running on the way to a winning race.

Well, interestingly, and despite the obvious fluctuations in in-running prices, the answer is - yes - but not often enough for it to be a winning strategy to follow for those who can't get on at the morning prices.

We have seen 93 winners in all this year - and the number of selections which hit the morning price in running or bigger - was 69. That's 74.1% of winning picks.

Sometimes, as we've looked at this week, the in-running prices have been much bigger before going on to a win, but obviously most of the time a big in-running price leads to defeat.

Finding the best odds with the bookies in the morning, preferably with best odds guaranteed in play, is the best way to play our selections. That obviously isn't really surprising as we are searching for horses likely to shorten further before post time.

If you would like to join the service before we get going on November 1st please go to

One month is £17.50; Three months is £50 (£16.66 a month); Six months is £90 (£15 a month); Twelve months is £160 (£13.33 a month).


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