Tuesday, 23 November 2010


The money was well and truly down with our solitary selection today, which we advised at 5/1.

Mighty Magnus (1pt) had run quite well at Carlisle three weeks ago and he was very well backed to do the business in the 2.30 at Sedgefield, going off 9/4 favourite by off time.

He was very confidentally ridden, held up well behind the pace before gradually getting involved, but then found very little when asked to quicken, ending up third.

It's all about locking in that value over time and getting 5/1 about 9/4 shots pays dividends over the long term. They can't all do the business though of course and we'll hope for better tomorrow.

Confirmation of result with SP:

Mighty Magnus, 3rd/7, 9/4


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  1. Hey there,

    Mighty Magnus came 3rd from 7.

    You said he came 3rd, then put 2nd/7 at the bottom.

    A quick browse of his form wrote him off long before the race started anyways in my opinion.


  2. Hi,
    I would like to change links with you. Check my blog: markstrading.blogspot.com and when you add me send me email with your link. Thanks. Mark

  3. An unbelievable run losing 26 points and counting,you need a betting bank of a minimum 50 points in my opinion for this service,£10,000 for a level £200 stake,in fairness to the chaps when the profits arrive they do so in style if the last years results are anything to go by but you need a huge bank,not everyones cup of tea but there you go.

  4. Thanks Jay, updated.

    You may be right about his form but sometimes the market can reveal more than any formbook!

  5. Hi Slackbarn,

    Thanks for your comment, but it's not really unbelievable at all to be honest, if you look at our results on www.themarketexaminer.co.uk/results.

    We actually advise a minimum of a 100pt bank, but wouldn't put people off having a 200pt bank if they wanted a really calm ride. With a winners strike rate of around 16% it's unfortunately a statistical certainty that bad runs will come along (as well as the odd very good run of course!).

    It's all about the long term though and while points will come and go we'll always be confident of good success over the course of time.

    All the best to you

  6. Hello,

    Yea I understand what your saying about the market, but all in the market is based upon knowledge and how we interprete it, then its bet upon via everyones opinion.

    We all know that all the information we need can be found across various websites on the internet, whether people know how to utilise that infomation is another thing.

    It's how we perceive value, we take it face value that 30% of favourites will win, though we also need to take into account that 70% the publics opinion is useless.


  7. Hi Jay, interesting thoughts and without doubt there is some great information out there.

    And, yes it's absolutely how we perceive value. I'd much rather back 100 7/1 shots that went off at 5/1 than 100 even money shots that went off 6/4 and in fact that's what we're all about, trying to lock in that value.

    We can be confident that doing tha above would be getting value because the SP market is so incredibly accurate in relation to a horse's chance (over the course of many races of course).

    All the best