Monday, 18 April 2011

Four Winners from Six Selections!!

A fantastic day today, with four winners from our six selections, at 6/1, 7/1, 9/2 and 7/1, which pushes 2011 into another new high (+141.1pts / +54.69%ROI). Lovely!!

On 11th April, under the heading "Ready for a bank boost", we wrote how we expected at least six winners from our next 41 selections, given what had gone on the previous 59 bets. Of course we would never be so daft as to be certain that was going to be the case, but if you have a big enough range of statistics and figures to fall back on, it is somewhat possible to predict what should happen in the future.

So here we are, in fact 29 selections later, and we already have our six winners, with four of them coming today.

Ours is a method built on cold hard statistics and figures, not emotions and sentiment. We believe this makes us ruthless in our long term pursuit of profits and perhaps why it easier for us to keep going in the face of whatever happens before.

Anyway getting a bit distracted, let's have a quick look at what happened.

We advised:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
2.20 Red Middleton Flyer 1pt 13-2 W Hill, VC, Boyle
3.10 Tow Haarth Sovereign 1pt 6-1 W Hill, VC, Betfred
3.40 Tow Or Sing About 1pt 13-2 VC, 6-1 W Hill, P Power, Betfred
4.20 Red Dr Parkes 1pt 7-1 general BOG
4.40 Tow Beauchamp Viking 1pt 9-2 W Hill, P Power
5.25 Red Easy Terms 1pt 7-1 Boyle, Betfred, VC

There was good value had throughout with every single selection starting shorter than backed at. Over time that's the stat above all that we're really looking for.

We started at Redcar, with the nicely backed 2yo maiden Middleton Flyer, who went off at 9/2. She drifted right across the track which didn't help and stayed on nicely after being a touch outpaced at halfway, going down by just over a length in the end.

Then came Haarth Sovereign who led for most of the race, lost the lead before the last, but rallied really well to win by more than two lengths, after starting at 9/2.

Or Sing About went off at 9/2 and was prominent throughout but possibly paid for those exertions and faded close to home, coming fifth in the end.

Then came our run of three winners in a row, starting with Dr Parkes who quickened really nicely under strong pressure to land another nice touch, going off at 11/2.

Back to Towcester next and Beauchamp Viking was a determined winner of the 4.40, after going off at 3/1. It was a gutsy battling performance back at the only track he's won at, and he got up by a neck.

Already it was a great day, and could Easy Terms cap things off? Absolutely she could, getting off the mark for the first time in 14 attempts. She took it up three furlongs from home and never looked back, winning comfortably by more than two lengths.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Middleton Flyer, 3rd/10, 13/2 --- 9/2
Haarth Sovereign, 1st/11, 6/1 --- 9/2
Or Sing About, 5th/9, 13/2 --- 9/2
Dr Parkes, 1st/11, 7/1 --- 11/2
Beauchamp Viking, 1st/6, 9/2 --- 3/1
Easy Terms, 1st/7, 7/1 --- 9/2

While we will always advise backing our selections as win singles, it's days like today which it's nice to hear how some made decent money from doing multiples. One had a 10p e/w lucky 31 on the final five picks returning £285 and another a 25p EW Heinz paying £888! All good stuff but whether bets like those are sensible in the long term we're not entirely sure..!

So can we make it four winners in a row from our first selection tomorrow, that would be quite something..! Let's hope so.


  1. Hi Sam

    All I can say is what fantastic value your service is.

    Four winners and one place is top notch tipping

    Keep up your great work mate.


  2. Terrific results Sam.

    Well done to all, just goes to show if you remain patient in the stickier times i.e. start of April things will come good.


    Cheers Rich

  3. Thanks Mark, much appreciated.

    LSP - thank you - and yes absolutely, patience is vital, including the ability to look beyond a bad run.

    Following your results closely by the way, good luck with your pursuits!



  4. Looking beyond a bad run is something many punters fail to do. As soon as a method hits a 'sticky' patch they jump ship.

    Well done to your followers who held firm.

    Patience will be rewarded in many aspects of life, none more so than in the betting world.