Saturday, 2 April 2011

Them's the breaks!

We've had a poor start to April, with two second placed finishes to our name from our seven picks.

Let's start yesterday where we had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)

3.20 Musselburgh Mandurah 1pt 7/1 Hills/Betfred
3.50 Musselburgh Eilean Mor 1pt 13/2 Coral 6/1 Skybet/Stan James
4.00 Newcastle Short Supply 1pt 8/1 Bet365/Betfred
5.20 Musselburgh Classic Descent 1pt 12/1 Boylesports/Betfred 11/1 Paddy Power

Only one of these ran with much credit.

Mandurah started at 8/1 but just never got going. If he gets back to anything like his best with Dandy Nicholls he's going to win in a canter one of these days, but perhaps that's a big if.

Eilean Mor put in a really gutsy effort. Leading for much of the way it looked like he'd be swamped by the pack, but only one went past him as he battled on well into second, after going off at 8/1 at SP.

Short Supply went on an almighty drift pre-off, right out to 20/1 at SP and just never travelled a yard, while Classic Descent didn't do a whole lot better, starting at 12/1, he was held up out the back and just never got in it.

On to today and we had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
2.25 Uttoxeter Terra Bleu 1pt 5/1 Bet365/VC/Paddy Power (9/2 others look for BOG)
3.50 Chepstow Just Unique 1pt 11/1 Bet365 (12/1
4.25 Chepstow Maucaillou 1pt 12/1 Totesport/Bluesq (11/1 Hills)
5.45 Uttoxeter Our Jim 1pt 9/1 Lads/ PP

Terra Bleu was backed as if defeat was out of the question this morning on his handicap debut, but unfortunately was declared a non-runner at about 12.30. Interesting one to watch out for.

Just Unique was supported into 7/1 at the off, but after a mistake at the second fence was just never in it.

Maucaillou started his contest about 20 lengths behind the field in the 4.25, and the writing was on the wall almost immediately, even though in fairness he has raced well being held up before.

Our Jim, who started at 5/1, was the one that really got away, continually making mistakes, reaching for his fences, and at times jumping left, it is to his eternal credit he was still bang there at the last. One more slight error at that one made his job all the more difficult but he still rallied and was closing as the post came. If he had jumped just a couple of his fences better than he did, I think we'd be sitting with a 3pt profit for April rather than being 7pts down.

Never mind, them's the breaks sometimes, and we'll get it back soon I'm sure!

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Friday April 1st 2011

Mandurah, 11th/14, 7/1 --- 8/1
Eilean Mor, 2nd/10, 13/2 --- 8/1
Short Supply, PU/15, 8/1 --- 20/1
Classic Descent, 8th/12, 12/1 --- 12/1

Saturday April 2nd 2011

Terra Bleu NR
Just Unique, PU/14, 11/1 --- 7/1
Maucaillour, 14th/15, 12/1 --- 14/1
Our Jim, 2nd/9, 9/1 --- 5/1


  1. Hi Sam

    I only joined on the first of April and I am betting your selections eachway, but with a twist, where by I have created a calculator that allows me to lay some of the place part of the eachway bet off on the exchanges.

    The result is that if the selection places I do not win anything and do not lose anything.

    By doing the above though it means that I always have the biggest bet on the win side of the eachway bet and it means that nearly every time the selection is unplaced I do not lose as much as if I was just placing standard eachway bets.

    Having said all of that though I am still down over the last two days but that does not phase me at all, because as you have said this is a marathon not a sprint.

    I will keep you posted as to how my experiment gets on.

    Keep up the good work


  2. Thanks Mark, a very interesting twist on things, will be fascinated to see if it proves more successful than conventional methods. All the very best with it.