Monday, 11 April 2011

Ready for a bank boost

Since January 1st 2010, our win strike rate has been exactly 14.64%. That's 130 winners from 888 selections. (+226.45pts / +21.36%ROI)

Something we keep banging on about when backing win-only with big prices is the need to consider things in the long term.

It's particularly important when short term runs prove frustrating, like in this present period.

At the moment, in fact since the first day of the Cheltenham Festival this year, we are on a run of 4 wins from 59 selections (6.78% strike rate).

That's not pretty, but we have found over the last few years that it is unusual to have a block of 100 selections which doesn't have at least 10 winners.

This means that, in pure statistical terms, we would expect things to pick up soon, with at least six wins from our next 41 selections (strike rate 14.63%).

Today we had three selections, with one of them finishing third and the others unplaced. We'll report properly on the results tomorrow night, after which perhaps that bank boost will have begun!


  1. Hi Sam

    As someone who has only recently joined your service I would just like to have my say regarding results. When I signed up I signed up based on you MEDIUM TO LONG TERM results.

    Every service no matter who will have their short term fluctuations, that is just part of the game that we play.

    I am totally confident in your service so just keep ploughing on and this minor blip will soon be history.

    Keep up the good work

  2. Thanks Mark, that's good to hear. It would be lovely if we could just churn out profits day in day out but sadly it isn't always that easy!

    All the best