Monday, 2 January 2012

December Analysis

Time for our look back at December - and a full 2011 review will follow in the next day or two as well.

December was a funny month as although we ended in profit, our average SP was higher than our average advised stake for the first time this year. This is mainly down to the poor performance of our larger priced selections, too many of whom uncharacteristically drifted in price, the biggest being a 19pt swing with Trecase advised at 14/1 and went off at 33s. Annoying.

Let's look at the stats:

Bets: 42
Wins: 7 (16.67%)
2nds: 1 (2.4%)
3rds: 5 (11.9%)
Placed total: 13 (31%)
Average odds taken: 8.02/1
Average SP: 8.79/1
Average win odds: 6.37/1
Profit/Loss: +4.6pts
Return On Investment: +9.79%

It's a good win rate, but our average priced winner is pretty low hence the small profit for the month. We would have had 9.6pts of profit (ROI +22.86%) if we had kept the five two point selections to one point. These 2pt picks (on some of our bigger priced selections) are on a poor run at the moment and have dragged down the points total for a while now.

However they were still highly profitable for 2011 as a whole and it will only take a one or two of them to come in to swing things around hugely.

More on their performance in the 2011 review!

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