Saturday, 28 January 2012

Good Saturday

Apologies, no time for a proper update tonight but just to say that we had a good Saturday, with two winners from our four selections, and a nice six points of profit.

So far in 2012 we've had 59 selections, with 9 winners, 15 seconds and 8 thirds (when third registers as a placed). That's a placed strike rate of 54.24%, which is on pace for our highest tally since proofing began on January 1st 2010 ( for month by month results). That's at an average price of 6.89/1 for each placed selection.

The high placed strike rate is pleasing of course with so many selections running well, but also there's certainly a feeling of what might have been.

Our highest placed percentages by month so far (with corresponding profits) are:

April 2010 - 47.5% (15 winners, 12 seconds, 11 thirds) - profit + 31.6pts
May 2011 - 45.88% (14, 12, 13) - profit +74pts
August 2010 - 45.45% (17, 9, 14) - profit +62.25pts

So for us, at present, to be showing negative returns for January so far is pretty frustrating, but of course just one of those things, a bit of a freak which will come along every now and then.

Historically of all our placed efforts, 38.4% win - this is from a proofed sample of 1328 bets, to Dec 31st 2012. This month we have seen 28.1% of our placed efforts win, and it's in these little quirks that financial returns are hit.

We have three more days (assuming raceable weather conditions) to pull that winning percentage up, and turn our month around to profit that us win-only backers think we deserve, let's see if it can be done!

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