Friday, 16 April 2010

Another big day.

We have plenty of action today, with five runners and as evening racing really gets going there will be plenty more to come.

Today's five are:

New 1.35 Klammer 12-1 Totesport

New 2.10 Meezan 5-1 B365

New 2.40 Sohrab 9-2 Coral

Utt 6.00 Woodcraft 7-1 S James

Chel 7.20 River Indus 6-1 Lads

Good luck to them all..

Well a cracking day, with the first couple getting home first. Sadly Totesport placed a 25p in the pound deduction after a non runner on the Klammer race, so that settled as a 9/1 winner in the end. I do hate it when that happens as I always tend to assume that the withdrawn runner would never have won, but who knows maybe it would have done. With Meezan's win it all means an 11pt profit on the day.

By the way I've had a comment saying that the Totesport price was 7/1 shortly after the blog went up. I should say that the prices I place on this blog are the prices I have backed at, which are normally in the last 10/15 minutes before the blog is put up. Sometimes the prices are actually bigger elsewhere than backed here, but I've not been able to get on with that particular bookie for one reason or another. Normally there are quite a few bookies with the same price as I've backed with, but I just literally reveal the bookie I've backed with. This is because this blog has historically just been about recording my own particular bets, it's only as a matter of interest that has been generated that it is has turned into something more than that.

When I make the changes to the "new era" obviously I'll address this.

For those doubting the 12/1 i backed with Totesport, (and I don't think Alan, the poster, was, incidentally), here's the screenshot of the settled bet.

Will update results with sp later!


Confirmation of results with starting prices:

Klammer, 1st, 9/2

Meezan, 1st, 5/1

Sohrab, 5th, 5/1

Woodcraft, PU, 4/1

River Indus, 10th, 13/2


  1. CD,
    you have started the day with the BIG
    1.35 KLAMMER
    WON brilliant
    love and admiration

  2. hi
    one more
    a great gamble
    kudos to you
    a rose to you


  3. Thank you Easwaran yes a cracking day so far! Makes for a very relaxing watch of the runners tonight knowing a 14pt profit's guaranteed whatever happens!

  4. Hi CD

    Another very profitable day at the office for you.

    Well done and keep up the good work.


  5. Well done CD credit where its due,can I ask are your returned profits to s/p or the prices you put up in your blog,if to early prices do you have a pts + or - results to s/p,the reason I ask is I looked at Tote prices for Klammer at 11.16am and it was 7/1,only 3 mins after your post and this has been happening regularly,do you think the enemy looking are at the blog?or have you a legion of followers,imo the bookmakers may be looking!!once again good profits,

  6. My dear CD
    honesty, transparency and nothing hide
    you are free to check up
    any time
    you are armed with purity CD
    kudos to you
    keep going for the gold
    keep striding for the next big win
    a rose for you
    this moment