Thursday, 8 April 2010

Thursday trio

We have three today, with hopes of better fortune.

Leic 3.25 Miss Starlight 9-2 Bet365

Taun 4.10 Mon Chevalier 9-2 Coral

Taun 4.45 Prince de Suil 9-1 Lads

Good luck to them all...

A "ticking over" sort of day, with Miss Starlight a nice little 9-2 return ensuring a 2.5pt profit. Mon Chevalier was still going ok in second when falling three out, so possibly one which slipped away there. Prince de Suil wasn't embarrassed but still never really looked like getting close to winning.

The new flat season, as has been the case for the last few years, is proving pretty profitable at this stage of the season.

Results with sps:

Miss Starlight, 1st, 9/2

Mon Chevalier, F, 100/30

Prince de Suil, 5th, 7/1

I'm off to Prague for a stag do this weekend, (could be messy!) but my Dad will continue to place bets and put selections up here. Will update full results when I get back. Snowy Morning for the National by the way!


  1. CD,still with u mate.Do u ever bet on the Aussie races in Melbourne or Sydney?

  2. Beloved C.D
    it is nice of you to share your selections
    sharing is caring, you are a warrior too
    many in horse tipping fail to make a dent.
    yet many have come and many have dropped out
    such is the nature of this game.
    near yet so far.
    easy but really hard
    to pick a winner and that too
    i have seen in one of the racing website
    where top tipsters tip
    but honestly i see your tips passing some time wp,
    even in restricted selections too
    good keep it up
    it is heartening to see that you are doing this like meditation
    please keep going further
    and also if it is possible why you have selected the contender for winning ,
    reasons or some finer pointers
    will be educative
    the aim of this blog not to only to tip
    but to Educate too
    so that the followers can learn the art of picking probable winner
    it is too good of you to not to pick odds on fav
    the odds are quite attractive too
    thanks once again for your wisdom and big heart to share it
    with lots of admiration and immense gratitude

  3. Hi CD

    Well done on the winner today and I hope you have a successful Aintree festival( if you get involved)!!

    Keep up the good work.


  4. Cheers Lucky, nope I never look at the Aussie racing I'm afraid. Have had the odd dabble on the Melbourne Cup but that's about it! All the best,


    Easwaran, great to have you stop by again, hope things are good with you. I've just established a pattern where I follow some market mover, but ignore others, and by following what I deem to be the right money (using a combination of sources including looking at the betfair market) I find the picks. Regards, CD


    Thanks Mark, and the same to you! I'm a bit anxious I may miss the National if it's not on in Prague, but am hopeful of being able to track it down somewhere!

    All the best,

  5. Beloved C.D
    Thanks for your quick response,
    keep this going
    who said this game is hard
    it looks easy with your filters
    keep it up