Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Selections by email

I have been following market moves for many years, and have detailed records going back to 2003. It is clear to me, beyond any doubt, that if you can follow certain betting moves in good time before SP, then over time you will beat the bookmaker.

I say certain moves, because there are many false or "wrong" gambles on show. There are certain profile of horses and races which should be carefully swerved, and many gambles which are more likely to reverse, with the price drifting, nearer the off.

This blog has been running now for over a year, in which time I like to think that a lot of people have benefited from the selections posted on a daily basis. Although I've been keen at times to stress that I haven't posted selections for tipping purposes, £50 win singles in that time would have returned a level stakes profit of nearly £8000.

Over the course of time, and with the interest that my selections have generated, I have grown to think more and more about what I can do with the horses that I pick. Certainly my selections have proved comparable and in many cases more profitable than many professional tipping services. Basically I started thinking whether I can I turn all my efforts into any more of a financial reward, other than just taking money from the bookies.

So things are going to change a little, although not for some time.

Selections posted on this blog will remain free of charge until September, at which time things will break for two months ahead of relaunching on November 1st. Details of that will emerge over the next weeks/months.

From Saturday May 15th 2010, selections will still be posted on this blog before racing, but the difference is they will be posted just before racing starts, rather than as early as possible.

Those people who want to get notice of selections in good time (certainly before 12.00), thereby making the most of the best available odds on offer, will have to supply an email address which I will use to distribute the selections completely free of charge. After my two month break at the start of September, it is at present my intention to turn that email service into a (genuinely) low-price subscription from November 1st. Naturally people who give their email addresses before then are under absolutely no obligation whatsoever to continue to receive selections.

So in summary.

Selections will continue to be posted here before racing, unless there are exceptional circumstances, until August 31st 2010.

From May 15th, those people who supply their email address will get these selections around two hours, on average, before those watching out for blog updates.

From November 1st, the service will resume under a new, yet to be confirmed format. Whatever happens I dare say winningafortune will still continue to summarise results.

Needless to say I absolutely guarantee all email addresses will never be passed onto any third parties, and will never be used for any other purpose than to supply the names of horses which need to be backed, or the odd account update summary.

While there is no great rush, if you do want to register your interest for the free email service, please email

I hope you understand my thinking for the changes, and I hope as many of us as possible can continue the pursuit towards "winning a fortune".

All the best,



  1. Hi CD

    As someone who has followed your tips for a long while now, I can honestly say that I believe you are correct in your decision to charge (a reasonable amount)for your efforts.

    The returns from your tips put the majority of the so called professional tipsters to shame.

    I can also state from first hand experience that you always answer any questions in a friendly and patient manner.

    I wish you all the best for the future and you can put my name first on your list of perspective paid subscribers.


  2. Thanks very much for your support Mark.

  3. Good day CD

    Your free tips speak for themselves and i often fins tipsters charge for their tips but they are not as good. If your tips are this good and such a success as it is then why charge since you making money anyway?

    Since you will be charging any idea of what the fee will be?

    Thanks for all the great results

  4. Hi Jack, thanks for your comments.

    Having a subscription service is something that I didn't consider until quite recently, but I found more and more people were following my selections here. As interest has grown, it made me think that some people may actually prefer a more professionally run service, without having to wait for a blog to be updated, and with emails (and maybe text messages) sent out direct to people's inboxes.

    Why bother if I'm making money from my selections anyway? Well that's a good question, and to be honest if I had £10k in the bank and could from today stake at a decent level then yes there would be little point me trying to make a few extra quid. But as it stands, while my bank is continuing to grow from the £150 it started with, my own personal stakes are still reasonably small.

    As for how much the fee may be, well that's still up in the air, although I was thinking of somewhere between £10-£20 a month. Anything around that would I think be pretty reasonably priced compared to other services, particularly with the results I am convinced will continue to come.

    Anyway much of this is a work in progress, but more details will be revealed as things go on.

    Thanks very much for your interest

    CD (Sam)