Sunday, 25 April 2010

A quiet Sunday

Nothing fitting the bill today to get involved, so a quiet Sunday ahead. Good luck if you're having a bet.

Another busy week of racing ahead though, so hopefully plenty of opportunities to come over the next few days.

Just to say thanks to everyone who's registered an interest in getting the emails through, please do drop a quick line to if you want them when it starts up in the middle of May.



  1. Hi CD,
    Impresive tipping mate keep up the good work.
    One question though, why do you keep your stakes so low? with your previous record you must be confident of making a profit. Surely its worth getting a bigger bank and upping stakes.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. will surely drop a message next time. keep up the great tips!

  3. Hi anon,

    Thanks for your comments. You make an interesting point, and a very fair one. I suppose it's down to caution (over caution??) in as much as I have an eight month old daughter, and a wife who's not gone back to work yet. I haven't any savings or a load of cash I can chuck at it, save for putting it on credit card or taking out a loan, and I don't want to do that.

    However by this time next year my own bank should be at least double it's current mark so it'll continue to grow exponentially and so in around five years I'm planning to have tens of thousands of pounds of profit (will have to have new bookie accounts by then of course).

    That's the plan anyway!


    Hi UK bingo, I think part of your message didn't come through? Thanks for stopping by anyway :)

    Cheers, CD