Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Getting stuck in again....

The selections are coming thick and fast as we go into Wednesday with another six horses for you, three of them a double, to follow up yesterday's successful tilt at the ring.

They are:

Chel 2.45 Ouzbeck 7-1 Coral

New 3.00 Longliner 4-1 Totesport** DOUBLE STAKER this has been added at 12.16 apols for any confusion

Bev 3.45 Blue Spinnaker 7-2 Coral DOUBLE STAKER

Chel 3.55 I'm so lucky B365 11-1 DOUBLE STAKER ** this was upgraded to double stake at 12.40, again apols for any confusion

Nkt 4.45 Rumosh 5-1 Totesport

Bev 5.30 Domination 4-1 B365

Good luck to them all!

What a day this could have been. Six selections, two winners, but two double staked seconds, including one at 11/1. A very tidy 6.5pt profit, although the couple of horses who found one too good were both just narrowly beaten. I'm So Lucky the one which caused most frustration, looking the winner going over the last, trading 1.12 in running close home, but just hauled back in to go down by a neck to miss out on 22pts, or nearly £300 in terms of my bank.

Blue Spinnaker was a 1.68 job in running. But still, mustn't grumble, a cracking day all told and a renewed high for the bank!

Results with sps:

Ouzbeck, 1st, 17/2 (best odds guaranteed in play)

Longliner, 10th, 10/3

Blue Spinnaker, 2nd, 10/3

I'm so lucky, 2nd, 9/1

Rumoush, 1st, 7/2

Domination, 4th, 9/2

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