Sunday, 4 April 2010

Two for Easter day

We have two runners today, both at Musselburgh:

2.20 Island Chief 5-1 Bet365

3.50 My Arch 18-1 VCBet

Good luck to them both..

A brilliant day with My Arch getting up on the line to win in a photo, fantastic stuff!

Island Chief ran ok to finish third but was quite well beaten.

All in all a cracking 17 point haul on the day to push the month well into profit.

Results with sps:

Island Chief, 3rd, 5/1sp

My Arch, 1st, 11/1sp

It also means my bank's at a renewed high, so stakes from tomorrow are going up to £13.18 win singles.


  1. Hi CD

    VC went had cut My Arch to 12/1(most other still 16/1) when I logged in. It makes me wonder if Harry findley or some other highroller, is following your tips now with the speed and size of cut in odds!!


  2. Thanks for My Arch.......great call....donation sent.

  3. Hi CD,

    Good result for you with My Arch, but Hugh Taylor tipped it this morning @ 33/1 and all and sunrdy will have brought the price down.

    Is this one of the market movers that you follow?
    cheerds JS

  4. Cheers Mark - not sure about that but nice thought!


    No prob Lee, glad you won a few quid and thanks very much for the donation.


    Hi Anon, yep absolutely, every single selection here is a specially selected market move.

    Some will shift price because of a stable gamble, some will be private tipsters, and of course some will be public punts like Hugh Taylor's.

    From my point of view I don't care if the gamble comes via an alien landing from mars, if the move's right according to my profile of selection then it's a worthy pick. Some Taylor selections will end up here, but many don't because they don't fit the right criteria.

    Fortunately My Arch did and so reason to be happy tonight!

    Cheers all,


  5. Hi CD

    Fantastic result,

    Having reviewed your blog for a while now I can definitely say you deserve your success.

    Keep up the good work.