Tuesday, 1 March 2011

February Analysis

February 2011 was an excellent month, in terms of both points profit and return on investment.

Arguably the most important figure of all was also pleasing, with our advised price beating SP by almost a point on average with every bet - that relentless edge over the bookmaker adds up, and this month we got back what we deserved after a frustrating couple of months in terms of actual results.

Also interesting was the fact that that more than half of our selections which made the frame actually won. We had a couple get up close home in dramatic style - in January those would have been beaten. In fact, in January we had more placed selections than the month just gone, with a quirky number of seconds - this bounce back to profit is just maths/variance/stats evening out, played out in terms of horses running their hearts out (well, most of them).

So we had:

Bets: 53
Wins: 11 (20.75%)
2nds: 4 (7.55%)
3rds: 4 (7.55%)
Placed total: 19 (35.85%)
Average odds taken: 8.04/1
Average win odds: 8.42/1
Average SP: 7.07/1
Profit/Loss: +64.6pts
Return On Investment: +119.63%

March started brilliantly with an 11/1 winner, if you'd like to join in and hopefully enjoy the ride we're on, then you'd be very welcome. Just head to www.themarketexaminer.co.uk to find out how.

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